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Department of Physics offers undergraduate and graduate degree programs in the subjects of Pure and Applied domains of Physics as well as several inter-disciplinary programs. Special focus is placed on preparing trained graduates equipped with basic concepts and hands-on laboratory training at undergraduate level and graduate level. This enables them to contribute positively to the human resource of the country. Students are specially exposed to practical training in the scientific organizations and industry through a meaningful internship program. They are fully trained to join the job market as a valuable asset soon after completion of their degree and to take up further study without any difficulty, if they want to. Post graduate teaching and research programs cover fundamental and applied fields incorporating recent trends in various specializations of Physics.

University Highlights

1st Conference on "Advances in Medical Physics and Biophysics"

15 MAY 2016

1st Conference on "Advances in Medical Physics and Biophysics"

Department of Physics organized 1st Conference on "Advances in Medical Physics and Biophysics” on May 15, 2016. The conference promoted scientific exchange of ideas, challenges and new technologies in different areas of Medical Physics and Biophysics. It also nurtured and expanded the Medical Physics and Biophysics community by building a network of faculty and students of department of Physics and scientists working to overcome the challenges in the said areas.