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1st Conference on "Advances in Medical Physics and Biophysics"

The conference was opened by Conference Secretary Ms. Rabia Aslam, followed by a welcome address by Conference Chair, Mr. Mumtaz Ul Haq who thanked the honorable guests and participants and wished them an enjoyable learning experience. Head of the department of Physics, Prof. Dr. Fazal-e-Aleem introduced the participants with the ongoing academic and research activities in the department, its exponential expansion and highlighted some of the significant achievements over the past couple of years. Chief Guest, Dr. M. A. K. Lodhi Professor Research Texas Tech University USA was invited to the stage, Who honored the audience with his presence and shared his valuable experiences.

Invited speakers enlightened the audience with their knowledge and expertise and brought forward different ideas addressing the open questions in Medical Physics and Biophysics. First Session Chair, Prof. Dr. Fazal-e-Aleem introduced the honorary speakers. Dr. Sajid Bashir (PINUM Cancer hospital, Faisalabad) presented his work on retrieving phase information in phase contrast Imaging followed by Nauman Amjad (Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology Lahore) who talked about development of Modern Radiotherapy. Ms. Rabia Aslam (University of Lahore) presented her work on automated analysis of neuronal cell signals. Mr. Mumtaz Ul Haq (Senior Chief scientist (R) INMOL, University of Lahore) talked about Radiation Protection, which was followed by a talk on bio-distribution of nano-particles by Mr. Khalid Rasheed Javaid (Pakistan Council of Scientific and Industrial Research).

The second session was chaired by Dr. Munir Ahmad which started with Dr. Shugufta Zareen (Institute of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology IMBB lahore) who talked about Anti-microbial activity of Silver nano-colloids for bacterial vaginosis, followed by Syed Asadullah’s talk on investigation of hybrid nanopores and M. Abdur Rafaye’s talk on evaluation of Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy IMRT QA using portal Dosimetry.

Third session was chaired by Mr. Mumtaz-ul-Haq, which included talks by Mamona Mumtaz on Multiple sclerosis detection in MR images with Principal Component Analysis, Muhammad Hasem on Neuronal activity under EM radiations, Muhammad Usman on Role of PET in lympohoma and Qamar Ul Zaman on combined effect of hyperthermia and photodynamic therapy. All invited speakers were presented with honorary shields and certificates.

Through Questions and Answers between sessions, participants had a chance to interact with the honorary speakers, foster interesting discussions, share their research experiences and build links.

During panel discussion session, the panel consisting of Prof. Dr. Fazal-e-Aleem, Mr. Mumtaz Ul Haq, Dr. Munir Ahmed, Dr. Khurshid Aslam Bhatti, Dr. Shugufta Zareen, Mr. Abdur Rafaye, Ms. Rabia Aslam and Mr. Afnan Bashir reflected on graduate and post-graduate programs in Medical Physics and Biophysics throughout Pakistan including the University of Lahore, collaborations of a physician and a physicist in Pakistani environment, Collaborations of Department of Physics with Shaukat Khanum Medical and Cancer hospital and Institute of Nuclear Medicine and Oncology, Lahore, job and entrepreneurial options after graduation with a degree in Medical Physics and Biophysics and several other things. Audience took part in discussion with zest and several recommendations were developed.

The conference was concluded with the distribution of participation certificates and souvenir bags. There were 200 participants at the conference, primarily Physics graduate and research students and some Medical students as well. According to the feedback received, most of the participants found the conference extremely useful with Radiation Protection, Automated segmentation of neuronal signals, IMRT QA portal dosimetry and anti-bacterial effects of nano-particles being the most popular talks. Majority of the participants stated that the conference met their expectations and the knowledge attained was definitely applicable in their work. Most of them suggested that such conferences should be held regularly with more research areas included and spanning over more than one day.

With the grand success of 1st Conference on Advances in Medical Physics and Biophysics, department of Physics is proud to announce an International Conference on Materials Science and Nano-technology in September 2016.


  • 1st Conference on "Advances in Medical Physics and Biophysics"
  • 1st Conference on "Advances in Medical Physics and Biophysics"
  • 1st Conference on "Advances in Medical Physics and Biophysics"
  • 1st Conference on "Advances in Medical Physics and Biophysics"
  • 1st Conference on "Advances in Medical Physics and Biophysics"
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