University of Lahore

Prof. Dr. Muhammad Zuber

Dean Faculty of Science

Scientific advancement provides a backbone for the development of a country. Basic Sciences,  Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics and Biology,  are essential for all allied disciplines like Engineering, Medicine, Pharmacy etc. In today’s world scope of the scientific logic is also extended to social sciences. In view of the importance of the fundamental ingredient of a quality university, ‘The University of Lahore’ places high priority to the development of these disciplines. Faculty of Science is currently offering graduate and undergraduate programs in Physics, Mathematics, Statistics, Biochemistry/ Biotechnology, and Biological sciences. Eminent faculty has been hired and is supervising teaching and research at M.Phill/ Ph.D levels. Conferences / workshops and seminars are regularly organized and collaborative linkages with national and international organizations are an important part of the policy. In view of growing importance of computers and computing, special emphasis is placed on learning and application of computing tools.

We take personal
responsibility for our role
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